The Smart Crematory Manager®

Our crematory management software provides a robust solution to track and manage the entire cremation process. 

Software for this Fast-Growing Segment

As cremations have grown rapidly as a percentage of death care industry services, the demand for funeral home crematory management software has spiked. We’ve met the need with a robust solution that tracks and manages the entire process.

Client Billing and Accounts Receivable

Easily manage client billing and accounts receivable processes.

Equipment Usage and Maintenance

Keep track of equipment usage and maintenance schedules.

Forms Generation and Customization

Generate and customize forms to suit your specific needs.

Smart Scanner Phone App

Effortlessly scan and manage documents on-the-go.

The Advantage You Need

The Smart Crematory Manager® gives your funeral home the advantage it needs to stand out in this increasingly competitive market segment. Like all our products, this software is powerful, flexible and intuitive. It offers single point of entry convenience and delivers Continental Computer’s renowned standard of excellence.

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