The Original

Deathcare Industry
Software Solution

First Developer,
Always the Leader

The Deathcare Software Industry didn’t exist before us. In 1985, we adopted the industry’s first, original management software to help funeral home directors manage their schedules, processes, financial reporting and tracking, and more. As the industry’s grown and evolved, we’ve continually upgraded our software products, and developed new ones, to offer further versatility and additional management tools and advantages for our clients. The result? An international roster of clients that trust and utilize our software and service.

Why Choose Continental Computers, Inc.

Our software capabilities speak for themselves, but you’re going to like working with our people and our company, too.

Family Business

Still, as much as we’ve grown, we are privately, and majority independently owned and operated.


Unlimited, in-house, US-based customer service and support


Generations of product development and industry leadership

Web Accessible

Software accessible anytime, anyplace, anywhere

History, Company Structure, & Accolades

If you’re on the fence, read more and reach out if you’d like to know more about why we believe we‘re the best resource available for you and your business.

Solutions to Daily Management Challenges

Funeral home, crematory, cemetery management or accounting—or all in one—we’re offering increased efficiency and profitability. All of our products talk to each other and cross reference at the click of a button, ensuring everything happens seamlessly and remains consistent. So take your pick!