The Smart Accountant®

Specifically designed for the deathcare industry.

Software for this Fast-Growing Segment

With the click of a button you can interface with the following Continental products: TDAW®, The Smart Cemetery Manager®, and The Smart Crematory Manager®.

Accounts Payable

Write checks easily, pay multiple invoices on one check, track vendors, pay recurring invoices and recurring checks and print 1099's.

General Ledger

View financial statements, profit/loss sheets and balance sheets. Know where your company stands at any moment. This module seamlessly accepts data from most Continental programs and allows you to track your company's operation.


Pay salaried and hourly employees easily. Print W2 forms, 1099 forms, 941 forms and more!

Secondary Accounts Receivable

Receivable tracking module for people running businesses outside their normal operations: flower shops, monument sales, trade services or selling merchandise to other businesses. Includes point of sale entry, billing, payment entry, printing receipts and reports.

Streamline Your Accounting Operations

The Smart Accountant® is a comprehensive software solution tailored for the fast-growing segment of accounting professionals. With seamless integration capabilities with Continental products like TDAW®, The Smart Cemetery Manager®, and The Smart Crematory Manager®, The Smart Accountant® offers unparalleled convenience. This software provides a robust platform to streamline and manage all aspects of your accounting needs.

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