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Created in 1985, continuously updated/improved through the decades, and now the best-in-class, full-service funeral management software in the world.

Software Solutions for the Ages

If you’re looking to organize your processes and information, improve your margins with better financial analysis, and streamline the workload for you and your staff, TDAW® is the best solution and we’re the most reliable company. Enter and grow into the future with us.

Web Accessible

Multiple users can access and operate anywhere and on any device.

Industry-Best Accounting

Accounting systems and processing so refined that it’s chosen and used by more than just Funeral Homes. Also exports to Quickbooks Desktop & Online, Federated and Peachtree.

Customer Service

We have our customer support all in one place, with our owner down the hall. We’re constantly monitoring, taking requests, and prioritizing needs based on significance, so contact support anytime (we’re likely already working on the problem before you know!).

Intuitive Software & Processes

It’s never been easier to fill out and organize documentation, and coordinate your funeral services and behind-the-scenes processes all from one dashboard. Our technology has utilized AI, or Artificial Intelligence, for 10 years, creating a seamless workflow. Let’s talk and we can show you how to easily manage your business!

Key Features

Accounts Receivable

Manage payments and invoices efficiently.


Manage your schedule efficiently.

Case Summary

Get a quick interactive overview of each case.


Ensure no step is missed in your process.

Digital Document Signing

Streamline paperwork with digital document signing.

Forms & Reports

Generate necessary forms and reports with ease.

Interactive Dashboard

Stay informed with real-time information at your fingertips.

Inventory Management

Keep track of inventory levels effortlessly.

Memorial Designer Library

Unlimited options for memorialization.

Record Image Collector

Store and manage records securely.

Sticky Notes

Easily jot down important reminders or notes.

Trust Management

Maintain trust accounts with ease.



SmartResults® survey tool is invaluable for measuring customer satisfaction.


ArrangeOnline® is a digital platform linking funeral homes with families in search of online funeral planning services.


FundAFamily® is crafted to expand your customer base by making funerals more affordable and to accelerate payments to your funeral home.

Additional Integrations

Accounting Programs

Seamlessly integrate with popular accounting software like The Smart Accountant®, QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Desktop, Peachtree, and Federated Accounting.

Other Software

Connect with Tukios, Precoa, Messenger, Tributes, FuneralOne, FuneralCall, and ASD for enhanced functionality.

States Death Certificate Programs

Integrate with several states' death certificate programs for simplified processes.

International Trust for a Reason

As our marquee product, TDAW® is trusted by thousands of funeral home’s throughout North America, Canada, Europe, Central America, South America, and the Caribbean. We were the first to offer groundbreaking funeral home software as a service, and we’re continually the latest to offer our clients and this industry an ever-evolving, always-improving solution as we maintain our focus on meeting the expanding needs of our clients and exceeding industry standards.

Interested? Let’s Talk

Watching video and reading about us isn’t quite like working with us. Let us prove why our competitive advantages will give you and your business a competitive advantage, too.