We’re always looking for new ways to help our clients and bring a positive impact to our industry, and this funding solution is another advantage to offer your customers and build your business.

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New Solution, Better Experiences

Simply put, FundAFamily® is designed to help increase the pool of customers that can afford funerals and increase the rate at which your funeral home gets paid the full amount owed.

Improved Experience

A customer will remember your funeral home service as the one that offered them additional funding opportunities at no cost to them, regardless of the amount raised or saved (but especially if it pays for a majority or total funeral!).

Positive Publicity

FundAFamily® is about people helping people, and bringing people together builds positive publicity for your business in your community.

Easy Setup & Collect

It’s easy to set up, connect, use and donate to. And you get 100% of the proceeds, unlike other crowdfunding solutions, such as GoFundMe.

No Upfront Costs

Additionally, there are no upfront costs for your funeral home. You just say yes!

No Brainer


FundAFamily® is yet another potential competitive advantage for your funeral home, and will be appreciated greatly by your customers. A family will remember who and what it was that helped them afford a funeral for their loved one. And you’ll remember who and what it was that helped your business provide such a great experience and collect the full funds for your services. No upfront cost, no reason not to offer FundAFamily®!

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