Funeral Home Management Software

Today’s successful business men and women have one thing in common, they think logically. They are required to look beyond the obvious, beyond the advertising, beyond the smoke and mirrors and see, or at least visualize, the future direction and needs of their organization. We recognize not all organizations are the same. Variables ranging from location, social and economic issues, end-user skills, capabilities and attitudes, organizational goals and many unknown variables have some part of an organization’s day to day activity. Our Main Products are Funeral Home Management Software and Custom Software.

Having built Funeral Home Management Software for over thirty years we also know the idea of building custom software for one organization is at best an unreasonable to even think possible. Individuals spend years in school gaining knowledge to write computer software. These individual are smart, talented, often in debt and expensive to pay. Companies close and move, and as you are well aware people and their skills come and go. Just when you think you have it complete, something changes.

The Director’s Assistant Web™” has addressed all of the needs your organization will need. By developing the “UDESIGN™” tool in the software each and every end user can customize their experience in the software. We put in your hands the ability to design the screens for data entry you need, by a user, and change that as needed. That is right, from simple data entry for the novice user to the complex for the expert users. The scalability of the software is immense. Capable of handling anything from single users to hundreds of users all at the same time “The Director’s Assistant Web™” supplies the solution. We offer the most powerful, versatile, end-user customizable software available, anywhere.

Our Products

The Director's Assistant Web™

“The Director's Assistant Web” has been designed from the ground up with customer service as a priority. We know the importance

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The Smart Crematory Manager™

In response to the death care industry’s rapidly growing percentage of cremations, Continental Computer Corporation has answered the need

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The Smart Cemetery Manager™

The Cemetery Manager easily maintains your plot information. Our software optimizes your cemetery searches, your accounting practices

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The Leads Manager

The death care industry is rapidly changing in ways that may have been unexpected and the competition is increasing. In this environment

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The Aftercare Manager

Meeting the needs of the Clients in an increasingly impersonal world takes a special effort on the part of professionals in the death care industry.

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The Smart Accountant™

Specifically designed for the death care industry. With the click of a button you can interface with the following Continental products.

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The Pet Crematory Manager

In response to the death care industry’s rapidly growing percentage of pet cremations, Continental Computer Corporation has answered the need

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The SmartResults™

The SmartResults™ survey is an invaluable tool that helps you measure customer satisfaction.

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FundAFamily provides a method of financial assistance for people experiencing the loss of a loved one. By donating to a family ,community members can provide needed financial support. No fees are charged to families for our services.

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