Est. 1985

(800) 240-1016

“The Director’s Assistant Web” has been designed from the ground up with customer service as a priority. We know the importance of servicing our clients. Our products have built in tools allowing our client to submit a service request never picking up the phone. We are just a click away. Submit a service request with the Live Request tool and we will return the average wait time in which you can expect a return call. Just as you are, we also are available 24/7 to begin the process of addressing your needs. Send a service request anytime and we will be with you as soon as possible. Requests received after business hours, on weekends and holidays will be recorded and addressed the next business day.

The CCCMail tool allows us to communicate effectively with our clients by sending messages that can be viewed from inside all of our products. Examples include announcing our holiday hours and important inclement weather conditions affecting our area. We want you informed.

“The Director’s Assistant Web”, Continentals new management tool is web accessible and can be utilized anywhere around the world on most any web capable device resulting in more efficient time and resource management. The Director’s Assistant Web is filled with tools that can help you make informed decisions that will increase your bottom line.

Many questions can be answered by using our extensive “Video Library” consisting of instructional videos that can be viewed from within the programs. These videos can be viewed again and again. Not unlike online or CD classes, use these videos for training regularly, or to simply answer an occasional question. Stop, start, rewind, do it all over again. Never pick up the phone if you choose not to do so.

Finally as always, for over thirty years, our telephones are always answered by a real live person whom we hope you can hear the smile on their face when they answer. We will not ask you to press one or two, forward you to a cell phone, or ask you anything other than, how can we help you?