We have been providing Superior Funeral Home Management Software to the Death Care Industry

Continental Computers stands alone when stating “We have been providing superior Funeral Home Management Software to the death care industry since the beginning”.

Continental Computer has established and maintained itself as the superior Funeral home software for mac and PC provider available to the death care profession worldwide. For decades we have brought our clients the most powerful, most versatile, end user customizable products available anywhere. We fill our ranks with individuals passionate about success and the knowledge they are the best at what they do. The best at developing and servicing products for our clients.

We don’t make caskets, vaults or chemicals, we offer no other song and dance, we simply make the best software available to the death care industry.

Limit your organization’s ability only to your imagination, not your software’s limitations.

Call us today at (800) 240-1016 for a lasting relationship with the last software provider your company will ever use.

Features of Funeral Software

  • Time-saving by one-write logicsends
  • One Fee for Multiple Users
  • Work Anytime – Anywhere
  • Print Forms with One Click
  • Contract & Accounting Integration
  • Inventory Control Module
  • Family Survey Engine


News from the President

Funeral home management software

Wes Johnson began his career by pursuing a formal education after completing many years of active duty military service. He obtained both a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting and a Master’s in Business Administration at Arkansas State University.

Beginning his civilian career in manufacturing accounting, he moved to Continental Computer as a service technician more than twenty years ago. After moving through the company gaining experience at all levels, Wes now serves as Continental Computer’s President. Wes has published multiple articles in trade journals. He is a strong advocate of both change and education believing both are essential and necessary for future success. Wes is also a CANA Certified Operator and a licensed Funeral Director.

Wes is excited about the future of the funeral industry. He is proud that Continental Computer has helped thousands of funeral directors reduce the amount of paperwork in their jobs and can provide you with more simplified Funeral home management software solutions.

The result is evident in their modular approach to solutions development that enables any care provider, regardless of size, to mold their software to fit your specific needs. Wes’ desire is to take away the many burdens a Funeral Director faces on a daily basis and allow them to focus their attentions on comforting the families that they serve.

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